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Bicycle helmets that would let you cycle with ease at night in Singapore

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Not everyone may know that there are many different kinds of bicycle helmets to fit the many different kinds of bikes and cycling activities. Choosing the right bike helmet is like choosing the right tool for the job.

When you go for a ride, you always risk getting into a crash with another car. Because of this, you should always wear a bike helmet, even if the law in your state doesn’t say you have to. When you wear a bike helmet, you make it less likely that you will get hurt in your head or brain in the event of a bike accident or collision.

For many cyclists, choosing which helmet to buy is just as important as choosing which bike to buy. When you go riding, you must wear a helmet to protect your head from falls, crashes, and even pine cones that fall on you (especially in the Waikato!). But which bicycle helmets would make it easy for you to ride in Singapore at night?

When shopping for a helmet, you might feel completely overwhelmed, whether it’s your first helmet, an upgrade, or a gift for a loved one. Full face, road, mountain, or city. It looks like there are a lot of choices.

There are many things to think about when choosing a bike helmet. For example, if you are a road cyclist, you might want something light and aerodynamic to cut through the wind without making you less safe. This will help you get to the top of Strava’s leaderboard.

If you’re a mountain biker, you might not care about the weight as much as how your head stays cool on those rooty climbs and how your head stays safe when you hit those gaps, step-ups, and drops.

Bicycle helmets that would let you cycle with ease at night in Singapore

The main purpose of a bike helmet is to protect the head and brain. But how can you know for sure that a certain helmet can do this in case of an accident?

Before they hit the market, bike helmets go through many safety and performance tests to ensure they protect the head and brain well enough. 

When tested and found to meet safety standards, it should be marked with a code that says what kind of standards it was tested for.

Here we have listed the best road bike helmet that would let you cycle with ease at night in Singapore. You’ll be certain you have taken the precaution when wearing these helmets. 

Commuter/Urban Bike Helmets

There are a lot of commuter and urban bike helmets on the market that are dual-certified, which means they meet the requirements of both the CPSC and the ASTM F1492.

 Because of this, helmets with dual certification can be used for trick roller skating, skateboarding, and longboarding, among other board sports.

Commuter bike helmets protect the head from the effects of a crash and have features that improve ventilation and make it easier to adjust the fit.

Commuter bike helmets come in many different colours, and some of them have extra safety features, like LED lights that help riders stand out more in low-light situations, especially at night.

Regular Bike Helmets

Standard bicycle helmets should always be worn when riding on the road, whether going to work or just taking a leisurely ride through the neighborhood.

Normal bike helmets can also be used for running and racing. Because speed and comfort are both important when riding, standard bicycle helmets are made to be as light as possible and have a lot of places for air to get in and out.

Recreational Helmets 

If you want the best head protection for riding your bike around town, you might want to buy a recreational bike helmet.

Recreational bike helmets are usually the least expensive to the middle of the pack because they don’t have the extra features that are common on bulkier helmets made for extreme sports or activities.

On the other hand, a recreational bike helmet protects your head well from impacts and has plenty of air vents to keep your head cool.

Road Bike Helmets

Like recreational bike helmets, they are made so casual riders and road racers can use them.

Like recreational bike helmets, road bike helmets are light, but they are also made to be more aerodynamic and have bigger air vents for better airflow. 

Helmets for road bikes are made to be worn when riding a road bike. Because of these things, the retail price of some road bike helmets will be slightly higher than that of the vast majority of recreational bike helmets.

Aero Bike Helmets

An aero bike helmet takes the best parts of a road bike helmet and a time trial helmet and puts them into one product. Even though it doesn’t have an extended back like most TT helmets, it’s made to be as aerodynamic as possible to reduce or get rid of drag.

Just like road bike helmets have a lot of vents, aero bike helmet have a lot of vents to make sure the air flows as well as possible. Aero helmets for bikes are great for both casual riders and racers because they can be changed to fit different needs.

Key Features when looking for the type of Bicycle helmets that would let you cycle with ease at night in Singapore

When it comes to selecting a bike helmet with lights for use at night, there are several different aspects that you will want to pay attention to. They range from the method by which it is constructed to the colors that seem the coolest when you are out on a ride with your family.

The design and manufacture of bicycle helmets have come a long way in recent years, with technologies like Inmold, Wavell, and MIPS emerging as the frontrunners in the race to protect our heads while we are cycling at night in Singapore.

Inmold Helmet 

Helmets moulded in one piece are a good choice for riders who intend to engage in casual riding.

 You may be new to the sport of road cycling or mountain riding, and you’re not entirely certain whether or not you’ll enjoy the activity (or even adore it!).

These helmets are fantastic since they provide a high level of protection without breaking the bank, making them an excellent purchase.

 The polycarbonate exterior is intended to fracture upon impact, so dispersing the initial surge of energy across the entirety of the surface.

The force is subsequently transferred to the foam, which, as it absorbs more of the impact, is caused to compress. 

Even though helmets with merely in-mould don’t provide you with some of the benefits that more expensive helmets do (more ventilation, less weight, etc.), they are still able to fulfil their primary job, which is to keep that head of yours safe!

Inmold helmets are formed in a single process, during which the outer shell and the expanding foam are bonded together.

WaveCel Helmet

WaveCel is a versatile and high-value cycling helmet designed for cyclists of all experience levels looking for the most advanced technology available to protect them from head injuries caused by cycling.

 Your Bontrager helmet is lined inside with a material called WaveCel, a foldable cellular structure.

When it comes to protecting your head from injuries that certain types of cycling accidents could cause, it is meant to be more effective than typical foam helmets. 

They provide riders who respect safety with fashionable road and mountain bike helmets that strike a balance between comfort and performance in terms of both comfort and performance.

Those who are interested in taking their riding to the next level should give serious consideration to purchasing helmets that are made with Wavecel. The interior of the Bontrager helmet is lined with something called WaveCel, a foldable cellular structure.

MIPS Technology Helmets

Since its inception in 2007, when the Multi Impact Protection System (MIPS) was initially introduced, this technology has completely dominated the market. According to the findings of their study, an angled impact is the most common type of head trauma that results from a collision.

When a person is subjected to a fall with an angled impact, MIPS is designed to help limit the amount of rotational stress applied to the head. 

You should consider investing in a MIPS helmet if you’re considering taking your bicycling to the next level. MIPS was a technology that used to come at a significant premium price, but it is now more inexpensive than ever.

Be sure to watch the yellow MIPS logo when you visit your neighbourhood Evo Showroom, and also examine the movable slip-plane layer inside the helmets.

The MIPS safety features are the product of rigorous study and testing conducted both in-house and by external, impartial third parties.

The ‘angled impact’ protection theory is utilized by several other brands in their helmet technologies. These brands include:

Other proprietary systems, such as 360° Turbine by Leatt and SPIN Technology by POC, offer great protection against the rotating forces that can be applied during a collision in a manner comparable to MIPS.

These technologies have two key advantages over traditional helmets: one is the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain, and the other is the absorption of energy upon contact at a level equivalent to a concussion. Standard helmets have neither of these advantages.

If you are looking for the most protection possible from a helmet, you shouldn’t rule out those that contain some kind of technology like Wavicles, MIPS, 360° Turbine, or SPIN. These are the types of technologies you should be looking for.