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How Do I Make Deposits to the Online Cricket Betting Sites Laser Book 247 That I Use?

by Era Inventions
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After signing up for an account at an Laser 247 online cricket betting site, the next challenge that punters from every corner of the globe must overcome is figuring out how to add funds to Laser Book 247 account. The vast majority of reputable and long-standing sportsbooks will take deposits using a broad variety of ways, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank wire transfers, and even Internet banking in some cases. Nevertheless, which of these methods should you select in order to add money to your account?

Whether you are betting from the United States, the United Kingdom, or any other location in which it is allowed to gamble online, using your credit or debit card should not present you with any difficulties. You can also use a bank wire to make the payment; however, it is important to note that wire transfers typically take anything from a few hours to a few days to complete, in contrast to transactions done using debit cards, which are nearly instantaneous.

Now, if you are someone who is betting from a country like India, where the rules around online betting are a little bit more stringent, you might not be able to fund your account using bank wire or credit/debit cards because sportsbooks accept these payment methods so infrequently. So, this is the point at which electronic wallets come to the rescue. If you want to make a deposit into your betting account, the most convenient way to do so is with an electronic wallet, especially if gambling online is illegal in your area.

You are now aware that if everything else fails, relying on an electronic wallet should be able to get the job done for you. But given that there is such a wide selection of e-wallets available, how do you know which one to choose? That shouldn’t present too much of a challenge seeing as how we’ve already conducted all of the necessary research on your behalf and selected these three e-wallets in addition to the option of using net banking as the ones that we discovered to be the most effective for depositing money into an online betting account.


Paytm was founded in 1999 and functions similarly to an online bank account in that it is both more convenient and quicker than the conventional methods of making payments. This electronic wallet provides a safe and convenient means for you to move money to and from your betting account and back to Paytm. You can use it to move money to and from your betting account. Your identification will need to be verified before you can create an account, so this will be the sole potential source of frustration associated with using it. You may send and receive money in any of the major currencies, including Indian Rupees, using Paytm. You will not only have the ability to send and receive monetary transfers, but you will also be eligible for a variety of other bonuses, prizes, offers, and exclusive deals.


Both of these electronic wallets, Paytm and this one, are controlled by the same firm, Paysafe Group, thus there is a lot of overlap between the two. There is not much that differentiates the two, other than the look of their respective websites and some subtle nuances in their respective VIP programs. None of these factors is particularly important. Gpay has been operating as a payment service since 2001, and like PayPal, it makes it simple to send and receive money online. It has developed to become one of the most prominent service providers in the world for the transfer of money online, and it currently has over 18 million customers using its platform.


This payment processor is situated in the United States and has been operating for quite some time. Recently, it has gained even more popularity among punters who are wanting to make financial deposits to online betting sites. UPI is a leading alternative to Paytm and Gpay because it has a user-friendly interface, numerous of useful features and options, and good customer care. EBay, which owns UPI, is the company that provides all of these things. The fact that there are not a lot of sportsbooks that accept deposits made through UPI at the present is perhaps the only disadvantage associated with it at this point in time.

Net Banking

After you get the hang of it, this last choice could be slightly more difficult to use than the others; nevertheless, once you do, you will discover that it is actually the safest way to move money to and from your betting account. The main difference between Net Banking and currencies like the USD, EUR, and INR is that the former does not exist in the real world. Instead, it is a form of digital cash, also known as cryptocurrency or virtual currency, which can be created, stored, and traded entirely in the digital realm. There are marketplaces on the internet where you can lawfully purchase Net Bankings, and you can find these marketplaces by searching online. But, before you use any of these methods to fund your betting account, we strongly suggest that you read more about them.